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Hotel shower gel

Shower gel 7 ml

The Sense shower gel sachet is the most cost efficient product we offer.

This Sense shower gel has a discreet and pleasant peach scent and neutral pH that is delicate to your skin. The white - green color balance gives a sense of cleanliness and freshness, and the orange shower gel c...

Shower gel 25 ml

Sense hotel bath and shower gel bottle.

This hotel bath and shower gel first captures your attention through its elegant bottle shape and invigorating orange gel. The pleasant peach fragrance refreshes the body and the senses and the neutral pH is gentle with your skin. The hotel bat...

Shower gel 30 ml

Hotel shower gel bottle 30ml.

The Black Tie shower gel bottle was created after carefully analyzing our customer's preferences. We used a tonic and invigorating fragrance which gives your customer a great feeling. The design for this hotel shampoo is in accordance with the business cl...

Shower gel 20 ml

Hotel shower gel.

The Fruitylicious grapefruit hotel shower gel has an energizing effect due to its citric fragrance, turning your shower into an natural and invigorating experience. Tourists will be delighted by the colorful bottle design and the burst of freshness that the hotel sho...

Shower gel 12 ml

Hotel shower gel sachet.

Following a thorough study, we have come up with a shower gel sachet intended for the business clientele, with a fresh, tonic and invigorating fragrance that leaves the user feeling great. The balanced, carefully selected ingredients have refreshing, floral an...
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