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Shoe sponge

Shoe sponge

Fruitylicious hotel shoe polish sponge.

The hotel shoe polish sponge is made up of two parts: the top part that is easy to hold and use and the lower part that is soft and dipped in silicone to shine coat any pair of shoes.

The wrapping for the hotel shoe polish sponge...

Shoe sponge

Hotel shoe sponge with silicone.

A flawless appearance needs impeccable footwear. Surprise your guests with your attention de details and full service by providing a superior quality shoe sponge with silicone. The Cocosense hotel shoe sponge with silicone comes in a coconut scented pa...

Shoe sponge

Silicone shoeshine sponge for hotel

A flawless appearance needs impeccable footwear. Ensure your guests have the possibility to shine their shoes by providing a great quality silicone shoeshine sponge for hotel. The Black Tie silicone shoeshine sponge for hotel is made up of:
- ...

Shoe shine napkin

Sense hotel shoe shine napkin.

The shoe shine napkin is a fast, clean and affordable version of the shoe sponge. This Sense shoe shine napkin is soaked in silicone to clean efficiently and shine any type of shoe, no matter the color. The shoe shine napkins are designed specifically f...
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