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Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that between 24th September and 2nd of October 2018, all the orders placed by phone / www.cahm.eu / sales@cahm.eu will be suspended because we are relocating our warehouse in a more generous space.

We will resume our normal activity starting on October 2nd, 9:00 AM o'clock.

Hoping that the disturbance generated by this action will be offset by a faster time of preparation and delivery of orders, we thank you very much for your understanding!


The Hotel Magazin team

“Stil, eleganta sobra si profesionalism”. Parfumuri atragatoare, design rafinat. O gama de cosmetice hoteliere business eleganta – calitate premium
Sampon 30 ml

0.165 €
Sampon 12ml

0.072 €
Pachet cosmetice PREMIUM

0.770 €
Pachet cosmetice BASIC

0.396 €
Sapun 15 gr

0.096 €
Casca de dus

0.127 €
Set igienic

0.142 €
Burete de pantofi

0.141 €
Set dentar

0.382 €
Set de barbierit

0.368 €
Set de cusut

0.122 €

0.174 €
Set mostre The Black Tie

3.000 €

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