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Shower Gel 30 ml

Shower Gel 30 ml

158.00 EUR *
400 pcs / box - 0.395€ / unit
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Gel de dus 30 ml
Gel de dus 30 ml
Gel de dus 30 ml
Gel de dus 30 ml
Gel de dus 30 ml
The bottles are 30 ml ones and are made out of PET, very flexible and resistant at the same time. They are printed in white indicating hygiene, freshness, and they are finished up with a printed black cap with fine lines for easy opening. Due to colors, I think that we can all agree that it is an elegant bottle because black and white put together are an exquisite combination, as you know we can even find it in the traditional yet elegant black and white suit, the ultimate expression of fineness. The label is transparent while the writing is beautifully emphasized by the black color. Please notice that it was made using a new, modern procedure called serygraphy. You can see it especially in the symbol because it provides a nicely touch, it is highlighted, seen in 3D. Due to all these elements, the bottle has 3 focus points allowing the housekeeping to play with them while arranging in the bathroom and choose the perspective she considers suitable: - You can arrange them to see only the symbol - You can arrange them to read the message - You can put them so as to read only the name of the liquid and discover the other 2 surprises when actually using the product.
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