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About the company

From the beginning

  CAHM was developed in 2009 under the name Hotel Magazin from our desire to make a positive change on the Romanian hotel cosmetic products market. Our goal is to develop a strong and sustainable business, relying on our customers’ satisfaction while we grow alongside.

"You must be the change you
wish to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

We are a young and enthusiastic team, working hard to provide high quality products at affordable prices, customized to our customers’ needs. We strive for constant improvement as we share our experience. That is why we put a lot of effort in choosing our partners and suppliers, and only work with the most professional and quality oriented ones. Each day we strive build a more solid business with fast and reliable service to our customers, each one being equally important to us.

Our activity revolves around providing a wide range of hotel amenities that (soap, shampoo, shower gel, vanity, dental and shaving kits as well as sewing kits, combs, shoe shine sponges, slippers and many other products). Our brands have been designed to cover all of the customer’s needs. In this regard we have a natural brand, with a delicate perfume, suited to all tastes, another fruit brand, that goes all the way from a grape sope to a blackberry shampoo, a grapefruit shower gel and a lime and lemon mixed gel. Another brand, is designed specifically for our clients catering to a business class that features elegance and exclusivity. Finally, we have a bio and exotic brand, with a coconut flavor.

We are constantly evolving

We are constantly evolving. We are following all the market trends so we can use customized solutions to meet the hotel owner’s needs. We are improving. We have made an effort to enhance the quality of our products above that of similar brands. We are proud to provide one of the best solid soaps available in the hotel industry. We innovate. We have come up with an easy-open system for the individual soap packs that uses a special sticker. We expand. We bring new and exciting products to the market in order to provide a large variety for you to choose from. We create products using custom scents and textures. Our shampoo and gels offer a refreshingly new and exciting shower experience. We respect nature, by offering biodegradable products with no colorants that use only natural ingredients.

Because we want to offer products of superior quality and to deliver our products as soon as possible, we are constantly investing in new and efficient equipment. We have started in Romania and now we have expanded to other important European countries. We have performed all necessary tests and received all certifications and paperwork that prove our products meet and exceed all requirements and international quality standards, while being more affordable. We have set up an online sales platform supported by a complex and safe informational structure that is also connected to a top of the line distribution system that delivers our products throughout Europe in 48 hours or less. We are ambitious and we work hard to show our true potential on the European markets.

Our products are manufactured in accordance
with EU rules and regulations.

For you, our customers, we strive to grow and support you by providing products that are in accordance with you high quality standards at low prices.

We want to become the dependable company that you can comfortably rely on.

Brief company history:
  • In 2010 – we have signed our first 10 year contract to supply shampoo and shower gels in packets and bottles. We have harmonized with the European Union laws in effect. We began acquiring equipment for packing and personalization, in order to meet our customers’ needs at reasonable prices.
  • In 2011 – We have launched with great success a new product line defined by elegance and simplicity with an excellent quality-price rapport, as well a high end product line catering to the business class.
  • In 2012 – We have launched our first line that uses only recycled paper for packing thus enabling a smaller minimum product quantity for personalization (100-200 units/box), and very low mold costs. We have created this eco-friendly line out of care for the environment. The products are biodegradable, with up to 40% straw or corn extract. These products offer an exotic sensation when opened as all have a delicate yet distinctive perfume when opened.
  • In 2013 – We have reached a considerable market share in Romania and decided it was time to target new markets in Europe. All the framework was set up and now our company offers its high quality products in many new countries.
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