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Dear customers,

We would like to inform you that between 24th September and 2nd of October 2018, all the orders placed by phone / www.cahm.eu / sales@cahm.eu will be suspended because we are relocating our warehouse in a more generous space.

We will resume our normal activity starting on October 2nd, 9:00 AM o'clock.

Hoping that the disturbance generated by this action will be offset by a faster time of preparation and delivery of orders, we thank you very much for your understanding!


The Hotel Magazin team

Hotel soap

White Soap 15 gr

Hotel soap white 15g

The Sense hotel soap bar is most cost effective option available. The advantages of this hotel soap bar are its its strong cleaning power and pleasant fragrance, gentle and neutral, making it easily accepted by any tourist and therefore recommended for any hotel b...

Soap 9 gr

Small hotel soap. Economy size.

The Sense small hotel soap 9 gr was designed to cover the hotel owners’ need for a small hotel soap, recommended for short tourist stays. The Sense small hotel soap’s qualities are its great cleaning strength and pleasant fragrance, delicate and neu...

Green Tea Soap 15 gr

Soap 15gr.

The Sense green tea soap 15gr. is a hotel soap you will simply love! The unique and pleasant color, along with the delicate perfume make this one of the best soaps available in the hotel industry. Your guests will definitely notice it as soon as they enter the bathroom and ...

Soap 15gr

Hotel soap 15gr.

The Black Tie hotel soap 15gr. is characterized by elegance and refinement. This hotel soap 15gr. is made using a traditional method that makes it possible to preserve the nutritional benefits of the vegetable oils it is made of. The Black Tie hotel soap 15gr. is a fl...

Soap 15gr

Hotel soap.

The Cocosense hotel soap sets itself apart from other hotel soaps by being natural and environmentally friendly. This hotel soap has a pleasant and delicate coconut perfume and is made using a traditional method that makes it possible to preserve the nutritional benefits ...

Soap in box 15 gr

Soap for hotel with individual box packaging.

Of all hotel soaps, the Cocosense soap sets itself apart by being natural and environmentally friendly. This soap for hotel is made entirely from vegetable oils and captivates with its pleasant and delicate coconut perfume. The innovation ...

Soap 15 gr

Hotel round soap.

The Sense round hotel soap is a hotel soap with the best price-quality ratio. The Sense hotel soap is an efficient cleaner, but at the same time gentle to the skin due to its neutral pH and delicate scent. This round hotel soap weighs 15 gr., has a diameter of 4 cm, ...

Eco Soap 25 gr

Eco hotel soap.

The Botanika eco hotel soap transforms a regular bathroom into a spa. The innovative design of this spa hot stone shaped eco hotel soap makes it an ideal choice for hotels that want to set themselves apart through originality. This eco hotel soap has a rich and delica...
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